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The Turtleroom – Episode 55

In this video, the guys sit down with their friend Ralph Till, President of the Tampa Bay Turtle and Tortoise Society, to discuss how things are going. Ralph is one of the most successful breeders of the Egyptian Tortoise, Testudo kleinmanni, in the world and he has lectured on the subject at several conferences. He is known as one of the most calculated and attentive tortoise keepers around, and his insights and strategies are always worth hearing about.

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Saving the Tiny Egyptian Tortoise from Extinction | Ralph Till

Ralph Till is one of the premier breeders of the critically endangered Egyptian Tortoise (Testudo kleinmanni) in the USA. In this episode, we discuss why Ralph chose to work with this species, their husbandry and breeding protocols, why they are critically endangered in their native range, and how private breeders are saving the species from extinction. If you are wanting to take your herpetoculture to the next level, consider following Ralph’s example and choose to work with an endangered species.

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